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Changing your car's tires


Changing your tyres on time is essential for your safety, but getting to the dealership and waiting around can be a nuisance – let our drivers handle it instead.

Here's how it works:

Book a tyre change appointment at your dealership as usual.

Let us know when you’d like our dispatch to call you by filling out the form.

We’ll arrange the details with you and set a pick-up time and location.

Our driver picks up your car at home or at your office, takes it to the dealership, and brings it back once the tyre change is done. You can GPS-track your car for peace of mind.

When the driver returns, you pay for the tyre change bill and the driver’s trip by debit or credit card.

We answer your questions:
Is my car insured against damage?

Yes, your car is fully insured through Allianz.

Allianz insurance
What if my car mechanic finds issues that I need to know about?

Your car mechanic will call you as they normally would to discuss any issues. Make sure you are reachable by phone while your car is out for maintenance.

Do I need to clean or empty my car?

No, as long as your car is in reasonable driving condition and can be serviced, our driver will take it and you will get it back in the same state.

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Safety and insurance

All our services are covered by the Allianzinsurance company.

Allianz insurance
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Our drivers will make sure to comply with all the current health and safety measures

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Customer satisfaction: 98% of customers reuse our services

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What types of vehicles can you take care of?

At the moment, all our drivers have a B licence and can take care of any vehicle that requires this licence. If you are looking for drivers to transport heavier vehicles, please get in touch and we will make sure to let you know when we expand our services.

What does the car handover process look like?

You will be notified when our driver arrives at the agreed place to pick up your car. You will walk to your car together, discuss everything important, and the driver will take a few pictures to to ensure that you get your car back in the same state. Then the driver will take your keys and any relevant documents and leave with your car.

What is included in the price of the service?

Our advertised prices include insurance, pick-up and drop-off of your vehicle at your chosen location (or in the case of maintenance, pick-up of the vehicle and a taxi to bring you to the dealership after servicing), and use of our digital services (dispatch, vehicle tracker). The price does not include the roadworthiness test, maintenance service or tyre change itself.

Does the price of your service vary depending on the distance to the test centre or dealership?

No, our service is currently charged at a flat rate of 99 €, regardless of where the car is picked up and dropped off and where the authorized inspection center or dealer is located.

Can I track my car while your driver is driving it?

Yes, you can track your vehicle live via our online tracker. You will receive a text from our dispatch with a tracking link.

Can your services continue during corona times?

Yes, our services can continue as normal. Our drivers will wear a face mask while interacting with you, and they have hand sanitiser and disinfectant spray available, which they will use before and after driving your car.

Will your driver stay with my car during the service?

In case of technical control and tire change, yes: our driver will stay with your car all the time and bring it back to you. In case of simple maintenance, our driver will drop the car off at the dealership, leave it in the capable hands of the mechanic and drive away. When your car is ready, the mechanic will contact you and all you have to do is call our call center and we will send a Husk taxi to pick you up and drop you off at your dealership.

Can your driver also bring back my car after a maintenance service so I don’t have to pick it up myself?

If you have a lease car, our driver can bring the car back, as the maintenance bill will be paid directly by your leasing service. If the car is yours, unfortunately at the moment this is not possible because of the unpredictable cost of the maintenance service. Your presence at the dealership is required to confirm that you are happy with the maintenance service and to pay in person. We are currently looking into alternatives that do not require you to pick up the car yourself. In the meantime, don’t worry, the price of the taxi is included and our dispatch will arrange the logistics.

Which documents do I need to provide for the roadworthiness test?

It is mandatory to provide an up-to-date certificate of conformity, the vehicle registration document, your latest inspection report and an insurance policy document at the MOT. Please have these ready for your driver to avoid delays.

Vehicle documents
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